Upcoming Standardized Tests

The SAT and ACT are nationally recognized standardized tests that are used to determine a student's college readiness.

Upcoming testing dates are listed below. If you have questions, please email acamacho@lhps.org or call 407-206-1900 ext. 3235.

SAT Dates

The SAT is a national entrance exam used by colleges and universities to make admission decisions. The aim is to measure college readiness through math and English assessment.

March 12, 2022* May 7, 2022* June 4, 2022

ACT Dates

Colleges and universities throughout the United States use the ACT to determine a student’s college readiness. The ACT measures college readiness through Math, English, Science, and data interpretation.

April 2, 2022*June 11, 2022July 16, 2022 

*LHP is hosting the exam. Face masks are optional.