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Advanced Composition (Grades 10-12)
Course #1009300, 0.5 Credit    S1: June 10-26    S2: July 1-17    Advanced Composition is a writing intensive course that aims to increase students’ ability to develop ideas and express them effectively. Students compose expository essays using various modes such as description, illustration, definition, process analysis, comparison/contrast and argument. Students engage in frequent in-class writing assignments and participate in regular teacher facilitat...
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| Categories: US Academics, Session 1: June 10-26, Session 2: July 1-17, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12
Advanced Marine Research (Grade 9)
Course #2002510R, 0.5 credit    S1: June 10-26Advanced Marine Research gives students the opportunity to interact with field researchers who will provide instruction and guidance in past, present and future marine investigations in the Florida Keys.  The course is a three-week summer session; two weeks of classroom/pool instruction at LHP and one week dedicated to fieldwork at a research facility in the Keys (June 19-24).  Students will be conducting their own research, ...
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| Categories: US Academics, Grade 9, Session 1: June 10-26
Humanities I (Grades 11-12)
Course #0900300, 0.5 credit    S1: June 10-26    Humanities I is a roller coaster ride through art, music, literature and architecture from pre-history to the Renaissance. This course, designed for juniors and seniors, provides a look at humankind’s greatest creative achievements through class discussions, lectures, films, PowerPoint presentations, readings and appropriate hands-on activities pertinent to each unit of study. Course fee includes field trips.&nb...
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| Categories: US Academics, Grade 11, Grade 12, Session 1: June 10-26
Course #0100330, 0.5 credit           S1: June 10 - June 26 Students will study and examine the history and artistic production of Italy from c. 1300-1600. Students will be exposed to art historical analytical tools, major works, artists, and authors. Furthermore, students will place art within the cultural context that created it, applying their knowledge of history to the works produced by historical figures. This course includes travel abroad to Italy.*Grade...
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| Categories: US Academics, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12, Session 1: June 10-26
Robotics I (Grades 9-12)
Course #9410110, 0.5 credit             S1: June 10-26This course provides a hands-on vehicle for learning robotics through experience and discovery. Students get to “own” their learning and the teacher becomes the facilitator of their learning. The robotics class is designed to allow students to feel comfortable with the new and sometimes very complicated concepts that robotics brings with it. Additionally, the student becomes part of a team that d...
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| Categories: US Academics, Session 1: June 10-26, Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12

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