Face Mask Protocols

LHP Face Mask Policy

Students are required to bring a face mask to school on a daily basis. Face masks must be school appropriate, not distracting to the learning environment, and contribute to the safety and well-being of the school community. Please note these specific guidelines regarding face masks:

  • Face masks must be secured around the ears or head and capable of covering the nose and mouth. 
  • Face masks may be of any cloth fabric and must be solid color or pattern that is school appropriate and not distracting to the learning environment. 
  • Face masks may not feature or contain words or messages. 

The school reserves the right to have the final approval on what is deemed “school appropriate” with regard to all face masks. Students who do not bring a face mask to school or have one that is not considered to be school appropriate will be provided a disposable one to use for the remainder of that school day.

Students are required to wear face masks indoors, while walking to and from classes, and outdoors.

Students and employees may remove face masks while eating, drinking, or engaged in heavy physical activity. 

Employees may also remove masks while alone in a private office or classroom. Face shields are not safe or effective alternatives for a mask and may only be used by employees in special, pre-approved learning activities.