Reporting Positive COVID-19 Tests & Exposures


1. Confirm positive test or exposure

  • Positive test: If a student or a family member living in your household receives a positive test, continue to step #2. 
  • Exposure: The school follows the CDC’s definition of exposure, which is being within 6 feet of someone who tested positive for COVID-19 for 15 or more cumulative minutes within 24 hours. If your child meets the CDC’s exposure criteria, please follow the steps below.

2. Contact the School

  • During school hours, please contact our Health Services Coordinator, Marissa Johansen, at or 407-206-1900 ext. 1234, and your child’s Division Director. 
  • After school hours, please email the Healthcare Coordinator and your child’s Division Director for an immediate response. Calls to the school will be returned the following day.
  • The Healthcare Coordinator and your child’s division administration will walk your family through the school’s quarantine process and help your student switch to Distance Learning. They will also swiftly begin contact tracing for exposure, identifying and notifying all parents of students who meet the CDC’s criteria for exposure. Those students and families will receive personal calls from a member of the administration or healthcare team, and they will be transferred to Distance Learning for the quarantine period.  

3. Continue filling out the Daily Health Screening

  • If students are quarantined for positive tests or exposure, we ask that you continue to complete the daily health screening on their behalf. This gives us insight into how long symptoms are persisting and helps us track the health of our students in the short and long-term. 

4. Stay home, rest, and feel better

  • Students should stay home and participate in Distance Learning for the entire quarantine period and they are symptom free.