Safety & Security



Lake Highland Preparatory School employs a team of educated, licensed, and certified professionals that combine their education with decades of real world school safety experience to provide a safe and welcoming environment for the Lake Highland Prep community to grow. A sophisticated blend of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design, Broken Windows theory, community-based policing, and advanced technological force multipliers are the hallmarks of Lake Highland Prep's campus security/safety measures. The campuses are protected around the clock with key emergency personnel residing adjacent to the school. 

The campuses of Lake Highland Prep are considered closed campuses. Please click here for more information regarding campus access.

Lake Highland Prep prides itself on having a robust all-hazard plan in place that addresses a myriad of emergency situations. The plan is structured to address prevention, mitigation, response, and recovery cycles. Please click here to discover more about Lake Highland Prep's emergency planning. 

 Campus Safety Officers strive to develop positive relationships with families, employees, and students. Sometimes students may find it more comfortable to report safety concerns anonymously. Please find a link to our anonymous safety concern reporting system below.

We hope you will enjoy the resources provided. Should you have additional questions, please speak to our Campus Safety professionals.










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