Health Services

A Registered Nurse (RN) is on campus as the Health Services Coordinator. Her duties include overseeing the clinic and teaching classes. Our Health Services program incorporates many areas of school health. The clinic, located in the Lower School, provides a place where care can be given to those who become ill or injured while at school. Student and faculty health care, education, and policies are coordinated by the registered nurse and assisted by school personnel.

School policy requires that for every student, a parent or guardian submit a fully completed Medical Health Form before the start of each school year. No student is allowed to begin classes until this has been done. Please keep the clinic updated of any changes in relevant health history, or any changes regarding medication. Changes in emergency contact information should be submitted online using the Demographic Change form in PowerSchool.

The policies regulating the administration of medication during school hours are for the students’ safety and mandated by the State of Florida. Please understand that school personnel will not be able to administer any medication to students unless they have received a Medication Administration Form properly completed and signed.

With parent permission, students may carry and self-administer their own inhalers as long as a medical form is on file. Students may not share medications of any type with other students. The sharing of medications can be very dangerous and is considered a serious offense. Parents, please discuss this with your children.

Parents must inform the clinic of medical problems that may interfere with a student’s schooling, and must keep physician’s names and emergency contact numbers current. Our school health nurse is available to work with you and your child regarding any health concerns you may have. Please contact her through the school clinic at ext. 1234.

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