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  • 7th Grade
  • 8th Grade
Imagineer Design

Course #8600071

Imagineer Design & Modeling will require complex builds as students further explore the process of designing and fabricating projects.

Using the skills developed in Engineering Design & Modeling, students will explore further using the Build Space tools as well as digital tools Fusion360, Google Sketchup, Adobe Illustrator, Silhouette Studio and Dremel DigiLab. The class will begin with basic constructions and progress to completely designing a product for a “client”. In addition, the class will take a field trip to see and work on an actual construction of a Habitat for Humanity house. 

Imagineer Design is a one-semester course open to students who have successfully completed the Engineering Design & Modeling OR Intro to Entrepreneurship prerequisite. 

  • Engineering
  • Semester Elective