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  • 7th Grade
  • 8th Grade
Ed Resource Class

Course #0000951A (Semester 1)  |  0000951B (Semester 2) – no credit assigned

Ed Resource Class will join other Edison students together in a small class, where they will meet with the Edison teacher and have support throughout the week.

Students will review grades, upcoming assignments, or tests and spend part of the class learning executive functioning skills. This class will allow time for students to learn strategies necessary to be successful in high school and college. Students will have the opportunity to learn strategies through their schoolwork, allowing them time to complete assignments for classes. They may also use their testing accommodations during the class.

This elective is for students currently enrolled in the Edison Program.

This course may be taken during ONE or BOTH semesters. Students must indicate semester 1, semester 2, or both semesters. 

  • Edison
  • Semester Elective