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  • 7th Grade
  • 8th Grade
Dance Technique

Course #0300000 (Semester 1)  |  Course #030000B (Semester 2)

Dance Technique offers students the opportunity to pursue a variety of dance styles comprising the art form.

In accordance with the national dance curriculum, students will be introduced to terminology, theory, history, technique, and performance. Specific cross-training skills include balance, coordination, rhythm, posture, and timing, as well as strength building and overall fitness. It is expected that students will bring a mature sense of responsibility and a positive approach to learning to each class.

This class is held on the Bradshaw Campus.

This course may be taken during ONE or BOTH semesters. Students must indicate semester 1, semester 2, or both semesters.

  • Arts
  • Dance
  • Semester Elective