To login to the LHP Bookstore:

In order to log into the bookstore, you will need your child’s LHPrep (Google) account information. The following naming convention is used for all LHPrep accounts.

  • Student Email: “Last name + first two letters of first name”
    • Example: Harry Highlander’s student email would be
  • Student Email Password (“C Number”): C + studentID + lhps
    • Example: Harry Highlander’s student ID is 12345, so his password (“C Number”) is C12345lhps

You can find your child’s student ID in PowerSchool. If you cannot locate your child’s student ID, please email Some students in Middle or Upper school have changed their LHPrep (Google) account passwords. Please ask your child for their password or email and we will reset their password to their “C Number”. 

Steps to Access the LHP Bookstore and Pay for your Books/Resources

See below for outlined steps on how to access our LHP Bookstore.
  1. Visit our LHP Bookstore at:
  2. Once you’re at the bookstore login screen, select “Sign in with Google” and enter your child’s Google credentials. If you have more than one child, you will complete your order/purchase for one child and then will need to repeat the process for each child. Take note of the different bookstore link for PreK students only. Textbook Hub is a “per student” bookstore to ensure each student gets the correct resources assigned to them. 
  3. Once you have logged into the bookstore, click “Bookstore” on the upper left corner. 
If you are purchasing for a Lower School Student: 

The Flat Fee for your student’s grade level needs to be added to your cart for purchases and then you may proceed to checkout. The Flat Fee covers your child’s instructional resources, school supplies, grade level bag/backpack, and access to all digital resources. These items will be provided on the first day school. Please take note that the bookstore link is different for PreK students only at

If you are purchasing for Middle or Upper School Students:
  • Our goal is that all students have correct required course materials and access on the first day of school. As a result, all required course materials, print and digital, along with required course fees have been locked into the student’s cart. These items are required for purchase before the first day of school. You will find these resources in the section titled “My Required Print Books, Digital Resources, and Course Fees” and those items are locked in your cart for checkout.
    • What are Course Fees?
      • Course fees cover the cost of resources, materials, and supplies that are specifically provided for a certain course. 
  • You will find additional REQUIRED resources in the section titled "Additional REQUIRED Print Books and Supplementary Resources". This section contains books that are required for the course but not required to purchase through TBH. Please add the required items to your cart if you do not already have them because they are required for the course. 
    • This section also contains supplementary resources that are optional print resources for your student’s courses. Purchase of these items are not required but supplementary. Some optional items may include a print textbook for a course that requires a digital textbook -- some students prefer having a print book alongside the required digital copy. 

What if my schedule changes? (MS/US Students ONLY)

When an US/MS student's schedule changes from one course to another, that change will be reflected in our LHP Bookstore within the hour. Students must go to the bookstore online to purchase any new required materials for their new course(s) and contact Textbook Hub support to initiate the return of print material or paid course fees that have changed due to a schedule change. 

TextbookHub Return Policy for MS and US Students

Students who have made purchases that are no longer needed for class should contact or call 1-855-779-4928 for assistance on processing a return. Students will be able to return purchased materials for a refund back to the original form of payment starting on the first day of school and the following 15 days. Returns outside of that 15 day reimbursement window will be issued a store credit. Please note, shipping is an additional cost for all print book returns. Please contact Textbook Hub support for all inquiries related to returns and reimbursements. 

TextbookHub 24/7 Support

If you have issues accessing the LHP Bookstore or need assistance purchasing your resources or initiating a return, please contact or call 1-855-779-4928 for assistance. You may also visit their support page and chat with support at