Zipping through Tree Trek

Zipping through Tree Trek

By Noah Kelly

On our Great Florida Adventure trip, my favorite day was at the Tree Trek. The Tree Trek is an obstacle course with zip lines and hanging pieces of wood that you have to step on and not fall or lose your balance. The Tree Trek is located in a nice wooded, shady area which kept us from getting too sweaty and hot. It was so much fun to hang out with friends and bond with them.

The first level of the trek included climbing up a tall ladder to get to these small cylinders on ropes that were horizontal and we had to walk across very carefully. I was a little nervous at first but quickly got used to it. My favorite level was where you zip line into a rope and swing like Tarzan. Then, you find a way to quickly unclip yourself. I do not have the longest arms, so this was a lot harder for me. I learned that if you get scared or fall, you have to get off the course. I remained calm and completed that section without any issues. There were a few more courses that were fun and exciting.

Next, I went on a zip line that was about sixty feet long. I didn’t think the course was too challenging but I was happy that I did it. After completing the course, there was a course with wood logs to trek across. The wood logs were unstable and you could easily fall when you stepped on them. I had to complete that course level carefully, so I would not fall.

Finally, I zipped down this big zip line while racing my friends to the finish line. This wrapped up the day at the Tree Trek zip line course. When I got down the stairs from the zip line, there were so many kids from my group waiting for others to finish. After everyone arrived back to the main area, we were thirsty and starving, so we ran to the snack bar. There was a variety of candy, chocolate, chips, ice pops, and even soda to choose from. I had a soda and ice pop. The refreshing taste of the soda and ice pop filled my mouth with flavor. I had so much fun on the trip, and I’m very thankful that Lake Highland planned such an amazing adventure for us.