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K-12 Lunch Menus 

*MenuS subject to change due to product availability

What's New in 21-22?

  • Soup station
  • New specialty recipes at corner grill station
  • New seasonal offerings of Simply To Go items
  • Upgraded novelty ice cream station
  • Additional whole fruit options
  • Additional dessert options
  • Cash payments accepted

2021-22 Meal Plans & Tickets

Sodexo offers a variety of seasonal lunch options for LHPS students throughout the year. Families may choose to purchase an annual meal plan or buy individual meal tickets in packs of 10 as needed. Cash is accepted in the cafes. No student will go without a lunch if they forgot to pre-purchase a ticket. The policy for "charging" a lunch can be found below.

Below are descriptions of our tickets and meal plans with pricing and information about what is included. Students receive the same lunch options whether they purchase lunch using tickets or meal plans.

Sodexo Payment Options

Students in grades K-6 may present a check or cash, buy lunch tickets in packs of 10 and present one ticket for each lunch, or enroll in a meal plan. Students in grades 7-12 may use a check or cash, lunch ticket, meal plan, or credit/debit card daily. All debit/credit purchases will include a 2.85% convenience fee.

Students can join the meal plan at any time during the school year at a prorated amount.

If paying by check, please mail completed contract and payment to: Sodexo Dining Services at LHPS, 901 Highland Ave. Orlando, FL 32803. For credit/debit card payments, please call Sodexo’s LHPS Dining Services at 407-206-1900 ext. 1187.

Ticket & Meal Plan Pricing

"Charging" a Lunch

If a student forgets their lunch ticket and does not have a debit/credit card to pay for lunch, Sodexo can provide the student with a 10-pack of lunch tickets. The cashier will ask the student (and in Lower School, the student’s teacher) to sign a “charge slip” for a 10-pack of tickets to their Sodexo account, and one ticket will be taken for that day’s lunch. An envelope with the rest of the lunch tickets will be sent home, and the parents will be notified of the purchase via email.

If parents do not want the nine tickets remaining in the pack, they may send the rest of the tickets back to school with their student along with payment for the one ticket used (cash or check). Sodexo will credit the total amount of the 10-pack tickets to the student’s Sodexo account. If tickets are not returned, parents will be charged the total value of the ticket pack.

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