Our #1 Priority

LHP’s number one priority is the safety of all Highlanders, including students, faculty and staff, family members, and campus visitors. In addition to physical safety considerations, LHP is fully committed to providing a safe and uplifting environment for all students to grow in mind, body, and spirit. 

Our approach to safety includes:

Campus Culture. At LHP, every child is known and personally nurtured. By maintaining an atmosphere of love, concern, and mutual respect, students feel safe to be themselves and perform at their full potential. 

Continuing Education. LHP strives to educate students, parents, and employees about safety and security protocols and how to report suspicious activity. Drills are thoughtfully and frequently conducted to prepare for possible emergency situations. 

Infrastructure and Operations. The school works closely with local law enforcement, and employs technical safety devices, cameras, and confidential security measures to create a secure campus. LHP’s security team operates similar to a college with ongoing strength training and continual assessment of safety protocols. 

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"The start of each day renews Lake Highland’s focus and commitment to providing a safe, nurturing environment for Highlanders."

Conan C. Bickford, CPP Campus Safety & Transportation Manager