Community Service

Highlanders Have a Heart for Serving Others

All Lake Highland students in grades PK - 12 are strongly encouraged to positively impact the lives of others by participating in community service projects.

Click here to register your community service hours in x2VOL. (Upper School Students Only)


Students who involve themselves in community service add a major component to their success in education. Giving of themselves also gives the students the opportunity to LINK the Christian values instilled in them to real world issues. Volunteering allows children the opportunity to develop & cultivate their leadership skills and potential.

If you are looking for volunteer opportunities please sign on to your x2VOL account then click on the Opportunities tab. Under the Opportunities tab you can find local and school opportunities that you are able to sign up for. If you have further questions please contact Ms. Gallagher in room H116 at kgallagher@lhps.org or at 407-206-1900 ext. 3277. 

FORMS and x2VOL for Upper School Students Only:

All community service hours will be added online in x2VOL, which can be accessed here. LINK forms will no longer be used to track community service hours. In order to log hours it is very important that you list the contact’s first and last name, phone number and email address correctly. If your contact has not verified your hours after two weeks, it is your responsibility as the student to contact the verifier to receive credit for the hours submitted.  If you have not created your account or have further questions please contact Ms. Gallagher at kgallagher@lhps.org or at 407-206-1900 ext. 3277. 

For directions on how to log your community service hours, follow these instructions

In order to be considered for the Presidential Service Award, students must submit their completed volunteer hours no later than March 31st, 2019.

SENIORS!  In order to meet qualifications for certain awards, scholarships and have your records sent to colleges in a timely manner please submit your community service hours to x2VOL as soon as volunteerism is completed.

Lake Highland regularly supports the following service projects as well as many more!

  • Annual Gina Martin Run
  • Boys & Girls Club Christmas Drive
  • Fashion Show for Breast Cancer
  • Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Breast Cancer Walk
  • Canned Food Drive
  • Coalition for the Homeless
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Blood Drives: Community Blood Centers of Central Florida donates $20/person towards scholarship money for an LHP student each year.
  • Tutoring at the Callahan Center or working with special need students through Best Buddies
  • Special Olympics

Check out the Volunteer Opportunity Contact List as well as the following website for more volunteer opportunities in the Central Florida area, http://www.volunteermatch.org/

Highlanders volunteered 34,234.50 hours during the one year period from April 2017 – March 2018.  That’s the equivalent of 16 people working full time jobs for a year! Way to Go!

Freshman class: 4,124.5 hours

Sophomore class: 6,244.35 6,447.25 hours

Junior class:           9,251.75 10,434 hours

Senior class:         12,934.50 13,228.75 hours

Total hours for LHP US 2017-2018:  34,234.50 hours

Upper School students are eligible for:



National Honor Society
Along with other criteria, students applying for NHS must have served 30 hours of community service prior to entering Junior year and 50 hours are required to be completed before their Senior Year.


Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Award
Florida Medallion Scholars (FMS) and Florida Academic Scholars (FAS) are programs that reward students for their academic achievements during high school by providing funding to attend postsecondary education in Florida.  All eligibility criteria for this award can be found at http://www.floridastudentfinancialaid.org.

Community Service criteria: Seventy-five hours must be served during High School to qualify for the FMS Scholarship. To qualify for the FAS Scholarship, a 100 Hours must be served during High School.


United States President’s Volunteer Service Award
On behalf of the President of the United States, students may receive recognition from the Points of Light Institute and the Corporation for National and Community Service.

Awards are given for the following Community Service hours donated in a one year span - April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018.


Young Adults (16-20 yrs.)     
50-74 Hours
100-174 Hours     
75-99 Hours
175-249 Hours     
100+ Hours
250+ Hours



Students are encouraged to complete 100 hundred hours of service during their High School years.  The Lake Highland Faculty and Staff anticipate seeing these projected results, and much more!

9th Grade = 25                                         10th Grade = 25                                       11th Grade = 25                                       12th Grade = 25




Voluntary work, intended to be for the common good that:

  • ·         promotes the health, welfare and safety of the community.
  • ·         improves the standard of living for people within our community and those of other regions.
  • ·         enriches the lives of the mentally and/or physically disabled in our community.
  • ·         supports and encourages the growth of the Arts in our community.
  • ·         improves the quality of life for senior citizens in the area.
  • ·         provides leadership, guidance and activities for the youth in our community.
  • ·         preserves the environment and/or the protection of historical sites.


Time spent actually performing community service for a NON-PROFIT Organization or Agency will count.  For example:

  • Services performed for day care centers, retirement homes, and animal hospitals. 
  • Hours spent volunteering with a doctor, lawyer or dentist while performing “pro bono” work.
  • Service performed on staff at a non-profit athletic, music, art or other camp for no financial compensation.
  • Service hours will be awarded for students volunteering on political campaigns without financial gain to the student.
  • Faith based activities that are performed outside of normal worship services, i.e.:
  • Teaching Sunday school, arts/crafts/recreation at Vacation Bible School, Mission trips (excluding eating, sleeping and worship time).
  • Participation in club fundraisers if all proceeds (less expense) will be donated to a bona fide charity.
  • Rehearsal and practice times will count if performances are conducted specifically to meet a community service need, and the organization and/or students do not receive financial gain.
  • Opportunities at Lake Highland Prep:
    • Service Clubs
    • Student Assistants (Prerequisite - must have Counselor and Director’s approval)
    • Writing Center Tutor (Prerequisite – successful completion of Advanced Composition and approval of the instructor).
    • KILT, Key Instructional Leadership Team – Seniors only (Prerequisite – By application only and contingent upon approval from the teacher, KILT advisers and administration.



Examples include:

  • Babysitting or similar services, performed for an individual family.
  • Service for a student’s family or family business.
  • Travel time to and from service location cannot be counted.
  • Items and Funds donated to Non-Profit are not considered as community service hours.
  • Service performed as the result of disciplinary action taken by the school or the courts.
  • Participation in club fundraisers if funds will benefit the club.
  • Participation in self-improvement workshops, clinics, conferences or conventions.
  • Service hours may not be doubled or in any way increased by any agency or school for student participation in a specific project.
  • Searching for your pet or that of a neighbor will not count.
  • Activities done for able bodied neighbors such as mowing, painting and lawn care.



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