Students dancing on stage during theater performance
Group of students acting in a play on stage


Lake Highland’s Theatre Arts program edifies all aspects of theatre, including acting, dramaturgy, playwriting, and technical theatre. In the classroom and during rehearsals, students are encouraged to expand their sense of self through innovative thinking.

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Band students playing trumpets and bassoon


With seven ensembles spanning 5th to 12th grade, students have the opportunity to learn a wind or percussion instrument and progress through the program. Highlanders develop musicianship, discipline, and creative senses through the performance of varied repertoire in public and adjudicated performances.

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Chorus teacher and students singing in class


Choral students at Lake Highland learn to read and perform music from diverse styles and cultures. Singers develop vocal techniques including tone quality, breath control, resonance, and musical expression.

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Student playing violin with sheet music


The LHP Orchestra program centers on developing beginning through advanced string musicians. Students develop the skills necessary to be successful in the classroom and on stage, including characteristic tone, pitch, rhythm, posture, dynamics, and performance techniques.

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Dance class students holding up dancer during performance


Enhancing confidence through movement is the core of Lake Highland’s Dance curriculum. Dance classes provide students with foundational skills, knowledge, and experience to perform different styles of dance, including ballet, jazz, hip-hop and contemporary.

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