Visual Arts


Upper School student painting ceramic house

Ceramics and Pottery are some of the oldest human technologies and are dated as early as 28,000 BCE. During these courses, students are introduced to the same fundamental methods of forming clay and hand-building techniques used throughout history. Craftsmanship, creativity, and appreciation are emphasized daily. Students learn the basic chemistry of various types of glaze and firing techniques. At the more advanced levels, a special emphasis is placed on the technique for throwing pots on the potter’s wheel.


Upper School student holding a camera and smiling

Photography adds so much value to our lives, capturing a moment in time worth remembering. Highlander courses are designed for students to gain a basic understanding of the principles and processes of digital photography. Primary areas of study include advanced camera operation, exposure controls, and an understanding of the principles and elements of art. Students are introduced to Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, and participate in the preparation and installation of artwork. Each student leaves this program with a diverse professional portfolio.


Studio Arts

Upper School student drawing picture with an assortment of colored pencils on the table

From hieroglyphics to the world’s most treasured paintings, Studio Art encompasses all forms of drawing, painting, and artistic design. In classes ranging from introductory level to Advanced Placement®, Highlanders discover and nurture their inner artists as they explore an array of classical and contemporary approaches to drawing and painting. Applying what they learn, Highlanders produce personal works of art for presentation on campus, in the community, and for the College Board.

Performing Arts


Two Upper School students performing in LHP's production of "Footloose"

Lake Highland’s Theatre Arts program edifies all aspects of theatre, including acting, dramaturgy, playwriting, and technical theatre. In the classroom and during rehearsals, students are encouraged to expand their sense of self through innovative thinking. This process challenges students’ perceptions of the world and broadens their understanding of theatre. By focusing on ensemble, experimentation, imaginative work, and self-awareness, the Theatre Arts program enables high school students to develop high-quality, creative theatre that challenges and excites both the actor and the audience.



Upper School students playing various brass instruments

With seven ensembles spanning 5th to 12th grade, the Highlander Band program provides opportunities for all students to refine musical skills, sharpen creative senses, and apply leadership. All students have the opportunity to learn a wind or percussion instrument through the beginner band program, which is offered in 5th and 6th grade. As students progress through the Highlander Band program, they develop musicianship, discipline, and creative senses through the performance of varied repertoire in public and adjudicated performances. Students also have the opportunity to apply learned leadership skills and more complex musical abilities in the Marching Highlanders, Hour of Darkness Jazz Lab, Lake Highland Chamber Percussion, and Lake Highland Winter Guard.


Upper School student sining into microphone

Choral students at Lake Highland learn to read and perform music from diverse styles and cultures. Singers develop vocal techniques including tone quality, breath control, resonance, and musical expression. Participating in local and national choral festivals, Highlanders perform in several major concert events throughout the year.

Orchestra & Jazz Ensemble

Two Upper School students playing cellos

The Orchestra program centers on developing beginning through advanced string musicians. The Jazz Ensemble program serves as a performing group with the purpose of imparting pop and commercial music skills to instrumentalists. Students in either program develop the skills necessary to be successful in the classroom and on stage, including characteristic tone, pitch, rhythm, posture, dynamics, and performance techniques.


Upper School students leaping in the air during a performance

Enhancing confidence through movement is the core of Lake Highland’s Dance curriculum. Dance classes provide students with foundational skills, knowledge, and experience to perform different styles of dance, including ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and contemporary. Dancers of all skill levels learn terminology, technique, choreography, and performance skills.

Digital Arts

Digital Storytelling

Upper School student standing behind a video camera recording another student

Digital Storytelling classes are for those that are wanting to pursue broadcast journalism in college. Through various projects, students combine storytelling, production, and presentation to produce the morning announcements, a weekly sports program for social media, and various promotional projects for the school.

Computer Art and Design

Student drawing on a tablet

Now, more than ever, image editing skills are powerful tools useful for presentations, website editing, art projects, graphic production, video enhancement, and photo refinement. This course is designed for those who want to refine skills with Adobe editing software and gain a better understanding of tools and techniques used by both photographers and graphic designers.

Introduction to Recording Studio

Upper School student in recording studio class using program

Recording studio students get a glimpse into the world of the recording industry as they learn the concepts of becoming an audio engineer.  Using professional-grade recording software and equipment, students plan and produce recording projects in collaboration with students in the class as well as throughout the school.

Digital Video Production

Upper School student in video production booth during a performance

Lake Highland Arts offers two unique opportunities to explore the fast-paced world of digital media arts. Digital Video Production is designed for students wanting to pursue film and television production in college. The course curriculum encompasses camera skills, editing skills, audio, lighting, and scriptwriting. Students also learn live-production skills by filming the multitude of events on campus.