Two Lower School students with their arms around each other's shoulders and standing in a courtyard

Please follow the steps below to begin the application process to become a Highlander.

  1. Submit the Online Application
    1. The first step in the enrollment process is to fill out the online application, which should take approximately 10 minutes.
    3. Please allow the Admission Office 24-48 hours to process your child’s application.
  2. Access the Admission Checklist
    1. Once your child’s application has been processed, please access the admission checklist of required application materials for your child through the admission portal.
  3. Register for Admission Testing
    1. Applicants to prekindergarten through 1st grade must register for admission testing at Lake Highland. Testing slots will be available for registration in October via your admission portal.
    2. Students applying for 2nd–4th grade are required to take the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE). We encourage applicants for 2nd-4th grade take the ISEE test on our campus during the January and February test dates. Students applying for 5th-12th grade are required to submit ISEE, PSAT or SAT results and may complete the ISEE test at any convenient ISEE testing location. You may register for this exam at To ensure we receive your child’s results, remember to include Lake Highland’s school code, 101294, when registering for the exam.
  4. Complete the Admission Checklist
    1. Please complete the admission checklist of required application materials for your child. Required documents include: copies of birth certificate and Social Security card, standardized test scores, teacher recommendation form(s), transcript, questionnaire, and interview (for students entering grades 9-12). The admission checklist for your child can also be found in your personal application portal.