Language Arts

Middle School student reading book in classroom at desk

Middle School Language Arts courses combine classic and contemporary literature studies with the mastery of independent active reading strategies. Developing strong literary analysis skills guides our students to successfully read and comprehend complex information. Students hone their public speaking prowess and written narrative through informational, analysis, and persuasive writing.


Middle School student sitting at desk in front of white board with math equations

Middle School math courses deepen students’ understanding of algebraic and abstract concepts in real-world applications. Advanced math students may begin Upper School coursework in Middle School by enrolling in Algebra and Geometry courses.



Two Middle School students in science class with microscropes

The Middle School science curriculum investigates the connectivity of elements at work in our world, human interactions with the earth, and the magnitude of the universe. Inquiry-based learning allows students to understand and apply scientific concepts through hands-on projects and experiments.


Social Studies

Middle School students in social studies classroom

Students are challenged to think about the role of the individual in our community, nation, and world in 7th Grade Civics. Students begin to understand the core principles of democracy and the role that government plays in the United States of America. By 8th grade, students embark on a survey of the History of the United States from the Civil War through the present day. The capstone of their two-year study is an intensive project-based learning opportunity for National History Day.

World Languages

Two Middle School students looking at textbook with a map on the wall

Students at the Middle School explore global cultures through an introduction to French, Latin, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish. Upon completion of an exploratory language course, students begin a comprehensive study of the World Language of their choice.

Health & Wellness

Middle School students playing volleyball

Faculty emphasize a holistic approach to health and wellness at the Middle School. By focusing on the well-being of the whole child, students learn to understand and value all components of health – physical, emotional, spiritual, and social. 

Electives & Co-Curricular Opportunities

In addition to core curriculum and Innovation Institute courses, Highlanders in 7th and 8th grades can participate in a variety of elective and co-curricular activities, including:

  • Drama
  • Acting
  • Musical Theater
  • Dance Techniques
  • Genius Hour
  • Team Sports
  • Public Speaking 
  • Video Production 
  • Middle School Leadership
  • Medical Detectives
  • Mindful Living
Group of video production students looking at camera