Language Arts

Lower School student smiling and holding a book

We work diligently to guide young Highlanders in developing a lifelong love of reading and writing, which begins in the Lower School. Our engaging and balanced literacy approach blends the instruction of phonics, comprehension strategies, vocabulary, and fluency through whole and small group instruction as well as independent reading. We challenge our student community of confident readers and writers to expand their critical thinking and intellectual curiosity through independent reading and interactive workshops.


Two Lower School students with various rocks and other science-type objects on a table

Beginning in PreK, our science curriculum is designed to ignite scientific thinking, curiosity, and exploration through inquiry-based learning. The scientific method is practiced at each grade level during student-centered activities and labs. Additional learning experiences in both the Primary and Intermediate Science Enrichment Labs engage each child’s natural curiosity while building upon core knowledge gained through direct instruction.


Lower School student completing a math problem on a large touch screen

Problem solving is at the core of every math question. Using Singapore Math strategies, students develop a strong foundation of key skills and concepts through sequential engagement with concrete models, pictorial representations, and abstract symbols.

In the intermediate grades, students are placed according to ability, achievement, and level of responsibility. Each grade, four through six, includes advanced and accelerated levels. An additional level, Pre-Algebra, is offered to qualified students in 6th grade.


Social Studies

Group of Lower School students wearing garments of from different cultures

With patriotism as a tenet of our mission, the Lower School social studies curriculum encourages our students to recognize their roles as responsible citizens in a culturally diverse and democratic society. Students study cultures in order to comprehend the ways in which people and groups address similar human needs and concerns. The progression of study allows our youngest students to understand self, family, and community.  

As knowledge expands, history and government are discussed at the state, national, and global levels. Students are encouraged to research events through a variety of resources, to understand the perspectives of others, both past and present, and analyze events, decisions, and the results.

World Languages

Lower School students in a classroom with a large world map on the wall

Students in prekindergarten through sixth grade engage in the Spanish program throughout the school year. The goal of our Spanish program is for students to acquire early proficiency in listening, speaking, and writing, thus forming the basis for more advanced foreign language study. An understanding and appreciation of Spanish culture is encouraged through hands-on activities and celebrations.


Physical Education

Lower School students playing soccer outside

The physical education program at LHP nurtures physical, social and emotional health and wellness. Movement-based instruction develops a student’s ability to work cooperatively with others while instilling a positive view of fitness and physical activities.

PE classes are offered daily in addition to playground time.



Each student’s developing interests are fostered by our wide range of Lower School enrichment classes, including:

  • Studio Art
  • Drama
  • Music
  • Band
  • Strings
  • Chorus
Group of Lower School students with various instruments in music class