Two Lower School students playing with a water pump in the Lower School courtyard


Two Upper School students and a teacher completing math on a whiteboard

The mission, passion, and dedication of LHP has created a learning environment which is second to none. The positive influence of educators, administrators, and peers continues to give students the education and confidence they need to soar.

- Shara Pathak Parent

Lower School

(Prekindergarten – 6th grade)
The first years of a child’s education are fundamental to future success. Engaging instruction, technology-rich classrooms, and broad enrichment opportunities create an environment where students thrive. 

Middle School

(7th and 8th grades)

(7th and 8th grades)
On the Charles Clayton Campus, Middle School Highlanders further develop into compassionate leaders, explore their interests, and gain the necessary tools for academic success. 

Upper School

(9th – 12th grades)
Emphasizing rigorous academics and a rich array of extracurricular opportunities, Upper School students gain independence and confidence while achieving their greatest potential. 

Upper School student and an Upper School teacher working on a science project

Leading Educators

Highlander faculty and staff represent top talent in education and industry fields. More than 125 faculty members have earned advanced degrees, and approximately 38 teachers have gifted learning endorsements. What makes the Highlander learning experience unique – and especially unforgettable – is the dedication of LHP employees and the relationships forged while teaching, leading, and developing every student. 

Lower School student sitting at a table in front of a tablet

1:1 Apple Learning Initiative

Lake Highland’s 1:1 Apple Learning Initiative provides every employee and student with an Apple device for teaching and learning. Each Lower School student receives an iPad, and Middle and Upper School students receive a Macbook Air. The campus-wide standardization delivers the most cutting-edge educational technologies throughout every class and grade level.