Image of LHPS President, Admiral Harms
Vice Admiral Alfred G. Harms, Jr., USN (Ret.)
407-206-1900 x3300 

Vice President

Jim Bartlett
407-206-1900 x3332 

Vice President

Susan Clayton
407-206-1900 x3345 

Dean of Faculty &
Chief of Staff

Image of Bill Fiordalis
Bill Fiordalis
407-206-1900 x1185 

Director of Enrollment Management

Lori Moore
407-206-1900 x3328 


Joe Sims
407-206-1900 x1203 

Lower School Administration

Director of
Lower School


Dustin Bowlin
407-206-1900 x1185 

Associate Director of Lower School/Primary Grades

Lauren Maxwell
407-206-1900 x1185

Associate Director of Lower School/Intermediate Grades

Karen Arant
407-206-1900 x1185 

Associate Director
of Lower School

Susan Keogh
407-206-1900 x1185 

Associate Director of Lower School/Student Life

Mary Anne Handley
407-206-1900 x1185 

Dean of Students
Lower School

Chris Logan
407-206-1900 x1240 

Middle School Administration

of Middle School 


Alison Murphy
407-206-1900 x2000 

Associate Director of Middle School/Curriculum & Instruction

Josh Lauer
407-206-1900 x2000 

Associate Director of Middle School/Student Life & Athletics/Dean of Students  

Lee Pope
407-206-1900 x2000 

Upper School Administration

Director of
Upper School


Derek Daly
407-206-1900 x3283 

Associate Director of Upper School Curriculum/Instruction

Jennifer D'Andrea
407-206-1900 x3283 

Associate Director of Upper School/Student Services

Jacqui Collazo
407-206-1900 x3283 

Associate Director of Upper School/Dean of Students/Dean of Counseling

Jonathan Hiett
407-206-1900 x3283

Dean of College
Counseling and

Lynn Stewart
407-206-1900 x3253 

Athletics Administration

Upper School
Athletic Director

Charmaine Schreiber
407-206-1900 x1205 

Associate Athletic
Director Upper

Patrick Demers
407-206-1900 x1204 

Associate Athletic
Director Upper

Michael Grenci
407-206-1900 x1202 

Arts Administration

Director of Visual
and Performing Arts

Chris Greening
407-206-1900 x3309 

Human Resources

Chief Human Resources Officer


Seymour Mintzer
407-206-1900 x3337 

Associate Director of Human Resources/Coordinator of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Crystal Raphael
407-206-1900 x4418 

Technology Administration

Director of Technology

Jennifer Baselice
407-206-1900 x2141 

Associate Director of Technology

Keith Bolstein
Keith Bolstein
407-206-1900 x3321 

Communications & Marketing

Communications & Marketing Manager

Danielle Jimenez
407-206-1900 x3339