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The DEI initiative is one of the top reasons we chose LHP for our daughter. It means the world to us that her education will help her become a compassionate leader, who understands our community is stronger when founded on these principles.

Courtney Abrahams, '08, Parent

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DEI gives my child an opportunity to celebrate and learn about herself and her culture, meet other students like her, celebrate her individuality, feed positivity, and provide much-needed mentorship in her formative years. I appreciate Lake Highland's DEI initiatives and what they provide our students, their families, and those who wish to learn and participate.


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I have gained the skills to make the world a brighter place for others through DEI. I feel inspired to continue this work into college and beyond.

Maggie Palmer, '22

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The DEI work at Lake Highland has been inspiring because I feel like so many groups on campus were celebrated for their history and culture that had not gotten the spotlight before. It is amazing to see the campus become an even more accepting and welcoming environment every day because of the DEI initiatives.

Varun Madan, '22

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Crystal Raphael, M.B.A.

Crystal Raphael, M.B.A.

Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Belem Shimp

Belem Shimp

Administrative Assistant to the Director of Diversity,Equity & Inclusion
Sandrine Villagrasa-Butler

Sandrine Villagrasa-Butler

Middle School Teacher - French & Middle School Division Coordinator
Tracy Fordham, M.Ed.

Tracy Fordham, M.Ed.

Upper School Teacher - English & Upper School Division Coordinator