Math in Focus Resources

Students and parents will find the following math resources most helpful. Most are available for both desktop computers and iPads.

Step-by-step instructions guide students through the process of carefully reading word problems and setting up bar models. Throughout the process, students’ work is checked. A wide-range of questions and levels of difficulty are provided.
This resource, available for both desktop computers and iPads, is free of charge so advertisements for other educational resources will appear in the margins.

Step-by-step models demonstrating both bar models and abstract algebraic methods. The two are compared to illustrate how well bar models help students comprehend the information provided and what information is being requested. The comparison illustrates how bar models simplify the process of finding solutions.

This is a great tool for parents who understand the algebraic methodology but need guidance in translating this knowledge to bar models. 


An article by Math in Focus author Andy Clark. After a short history of the Singapore approach, he provides examples of the two primary types of bar model questions (part-part-whole and comparison). Lastly, Clark describes the transition from the pictorial representations of bar models to algebra as the abstract form.


This site provides more examples of the two major types of bar models, part-part-whole and comparison.

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