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Daily Schedule 



Friday, October 26th is Carnival Day / Early Dismissal Day

4th Grade Carnival Information

Before 7:40AM:  Drop your child off in costume.  Students report directly to homeroom classroom.  All make-up, hair accessories, hats, gloves, etc, must be attached/applied/worn/etc. when you drop off your child.  That morning is very crazy. There will not be any time to add makeup or adjust hair at school.  Many parents are trying to park to attend the parade.  Students are in costumes and very excited.  Teachers have to gather all students, take attendance, and get them to the gym by 8:05AM.

If you did not send in your spirit day change of clothes bag earlier this week, be sure to bring it with you today!


8:10AM:  The costume parade in the Weng Family Gymnasium begins.  Fourth grade students and teachers sit together on the west side towards the back of the gym.  Parents must sit up in the stands behind the students.  You cannot sit with your child.  (There just isn’t enough space. L)  Students return to homeroom classrooms when the parade ends to change out of costumes.


9:00AM:  After changing into spirit day clothes, students will go to the playground.


9:30AM:  Return to homeroom for a healthy snack.  We will play games and the students will attend PE or Enrichment (we just don’t have that exact time yet.)  The school is providing the snack.  I think it is pretzels and apples.  Remember, the students receive 2 sweet treat coupons for snacks at the carnival and you can purchase food at the EmmaBean Food tent at Maxwell Station during 4th grade’s carnival time.  However, if you are concerned that these snacks won’t work for your child, you are welcome to send in a sandwich or additional snack. J


10:30 – 11:45: 4th graders go to the carnival.  Parents, you pick up your child from homeroom and walk to the carnival area.  Students must be with a parent or designated chaperone.  If another parent will be supervising your child at the carnival, please let me know.

Please don’t forget to bring a dollar or two to purchase bottled water from our awesome student government representatives during your carnival visit!


11:45 – 1:00:  Quiet games in the classroom.  You are welcome to take your child home after the carnival. We will not have any academic classes after your carnival time.  Just please remember to sign him/her out with me.  I will have a sign-out sheet on my classroom door and one in my hand for your convenience.  Again, if your child will be going home with another child, please let me know in advance. J


1:00:  End of school day.



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