The CNL - Academic Learning Lab (A.L.L.) is designed to provide additional academic support for students of Lake Highland Preparatory School PK-12 who desire to improve their academic performance. Services provided by the CNL - Academic Learning Lab include but are not limited to academic tutoring, study and time management help, test prep and specialized learning support. A.L.L. tutors have the unique opportunity to communicate regularly with classroom teachers and other support services to provide optimal learning. Tutoring services are fee based services.

Academic support is provided by professionals who have a Bachelor’s degree or higher with an emphasis in the subject area they are tutoring. Tutoring may be scheduled during the school day, before school, or after school, but not during a core class or instructional time. 

The CNL – Academic Learning Lab is centrally located on our main campus behind the Calkins Library and adjacent to the Lower School playground. Middle School A.L.L. services may be scheduled to take place on the Charles Clayton Middle School Campus or after school in the A.L.L.

Tutoring Enrollment Procedures 
  1. If a student is in need of academic help, the first point of contact for the parent should be the classroom teacher. The parent should discuss with the teacher the intended goals for tutoring. 
  2. Parent then contacts Shana Wellons, Supervisor at the ALL at swellons@lhps.org, or phone ext. 3231, or fills out a request at www.lhps.org/allregistration
  3. Taken into account are student needs, schedules and tutor availability. Mrs. Wellons then suggests a tutor to the parent. 
  4. The Parent will decide if the suggested tutor will be a good fit, discusses the learning goals and expected time frame with the tutor, and works out a schedule with the tutor.
  5. Parent signs a tutoring agreement and submits to the ALL.
  6. Parent is billed monthly by way of the LHPS student account.



Tutoring Guidelines

  1. Tutors and classroom teachers will remain in contact regarding the progress of the student.
  2. Tutor and parent should review student progress periodically.
  3. Parents should be wary of undue dependence on regular tutoring especially for students in grades PK-2. If visible progress in skill acquisition or targeted learning is not evident after several months, a reexamination of the student needs should be sought through the school counselor or school learning specialist. 
  4. LHPS teachers who also tutor may not tutor their own students. Lower School teachers may not tutor students on the grade level that they teach.


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