Varsity Head Coach
Deanna Hill

Assistant  Varsity Coaches
Gerry Spring

Rudy Chihak

Sam Miller

Casey McGinn

Jamarr Williams

Stephen McGinn

The Lake Highland Track & Field program has a long history of success, winning its first Boys District Championship in 1972. Since then, the program has accumulated 2 additional Boys District Championships, 8 Girls District Championships, and 6 Girls Regional Championships. The Highlanders have also won 6 individual State Championships. 

To promote continued success, our program focuses on 3 core components – discipline, strength, and development. 

Discipline: Athletes should show discipline at the track, in the weight room, in the training room, academically, and in their personal lives.

Strength: Athletes are encouraged and coached to hone their physical and mental strength.

Development: Through their experience with Track & Field, student-athletes learn important lessons of responsibility, accountability, time management, commitment, and consistency. They also acquire the transferable skills of a strong work ethic and teamwork vs. individual performance, while celebrating improvements and achievements – no matter how big or small. 

By focusing on discipline, strength and development, we build a team that is focused, goal-oriented, hardworking, respectful, and encouraging.

The Highlanders currently train and host meets at the Holloway Track & Field Stadium on the LHPS campus. With our state-of-the-art facilities, LHPS has built a reputation for hosting competitive meets in the regular season and often hosts post-season competitions.

FAQs about Holloway Track & Field Stadium:

  • Resurfaced in 2015 
  • Features: 
    • 8-lane rubber track 
    • Designated high jump area
    • 3 runways (2 for horizontal jumps and 1 for pole vault) 
    • Shot put ring

Across the street at the Lake Highland Athletic Complex (LHAC), our athletes have access to a discus cage and another shot put ring.



2019 Season Information

Practice Information
Head Coach:  Deanna Hill Sprints, Hurdles, Jumps
Mon. Wed. Fri. 6:00am and Tues. Thurs. 3:30pm

Asst. Coach Rudy Chihak Boys' Distance
Mon. Tues.Fri. 6:15am Wed. Thurs. 3:30pm
Asst. Coach Gerry Spring: Girls' Distance
Mon.-Fri. 3:30pm
Asst. Coach Joel Berry and Tyrone Brown, Throws
Tues. and Thurs. 3:30pm
Asst. Coach Casey McGinn, Pole Vault 
Mon. Wed. 3:30pm
Asst. Coach Garrett Gorman, High Jump
Mon.-Fri 3:30pm


First Practice date : January 21st

All forms need to be turned in on/before January 18th

Concussion testing for Track will be Monday January 14th and Tuesday January 15th 3:30 pm

All forms for track are found on link "Athlete Connection" and must be submitted electronically


February 22nd

March 15th

District meet April 12th









2018 Track Season Team Recap

February 9th: Flagler Pinnacle Classic (Pre-Season Meet)

Top 8 Finishers: Alexandra C. 3rd 800m & 4th 1600m, Kheli P 4th 800m, 

Franny Radeka 5th Triple Jump, Katie Daley 8th Pole Vault, Jonah Gottschalk 8th 1200m, Devyn Castor 2nd Triple Jump, Sander Fess 2nd Pole Vault & Michael Sowinski 7th Pole Vault 

-Winter Break Meets-

February 17th: Sanford- Seminole Invitational 

Top 8 Finisher: Isaac J 6th 1600m 

February 19th: Bob Mosher Open 

Champions: Alexandra C. 800m & Isaac J. 800m 

Top 8 Finishers: Juliet Small 5th 800m, Alexandra C. 2nd 1600m, 

Nikki W. 8th 2,000m Steeplechase, Kelly George 8th 2,000m Steeplechase, 

Gavin A. 7th 2,000m Steeplechase & Campbell P. 8th 2,000m Steeplechase 

February 23rd: Highlander Invitational

Boys: 3rd  Girls: 3rd  

Champion: Sander Fess Pole Vault 

Top 8 Finishers: Kheli P. 3rd 800m, Alexandra C. 4th 800m & 2nd 1600m, 

Eden S 2nd 100mH & 300mH, Girls 4x1 7th, Girls 4x4 2nd, Girls 4x8 7th, 

Payton S. 4th Long Jump & 2nd Triple Jump, Franny R. 7th Triple Jump & 4th Javelin, 

Taryn E. 5th Javelin, Nancy T. 6th Javelin, Nick D. 6th 100m, Isaac J. 4th 800m, 

Gavin A. 6th 3200m, Jai P. 7th 3200m, William L. 6th 110mH & 7th 300mH, Sami M. 8th 300mH, Boys 4x400 4th, Boys 4x800 6th, Francisco Z. 5th Long Jump, Devyn C. 7th Triple Jump, 

Tristan C. 2nd Pole Vault & Javelin & Michael C. 6th Javelin

March 2nd: Larry Kelly Invitational

Boys: 6th Girls: 7th

Champions: Alexandra C. 1600m 5:13.97 *New School Record 

Sander F. Pole Vault 

Top 8 Finishers: Kheli P. 3rd 800m, Juliet S. 7th 800m, Eden S. 4th 100mH & 300mH, 

Girls 4x100 6th, Girls 4x400 4th, Girls 4x800 8th, Payton 8th Long Jump & 3rd Triple Jump, Katie D. 4th Pole Vault, Isaac J. 3rd 1600m, Gavin A. 8th 1600m, Jonah G. 6th 3200m, 

Boys 4x100 7th, Boys 4x800 4th, Nick D. 5th Long Jump, Francisco Z. 6th Long Jump, 

Devyn C. 4th Triple Jump, Tristan C. 6th Triple Jump & 2nd Pole Vault & 

Michael S. 7th Pole Vault 

March 9th: Hawks on the Hill Invitational

Boys: 2nd Girls: 6th

Champions: Boys 4x800 Relay 

Top 8 Finishers: Kheli P. 2nd 800m & 8th 1600m, Alexandra C. 4th 1600m, 

Eden S. 8th 100mH & 5th 300mH, Girls 4x100 7th, Girls 4x800 2nd, Payton S. 7th Triple Jump & 5th Pole Vault, Katie D. 6th Pole Vault, Nick D. 8th 100m, Jake F. 8th 1600m, 

Gavin A. 2nd 3200m, Jonah 5th 3200m, Jai P 6th 3200m, Boys 4x100 4th, Boys 4x400 5th, Devyn C. 8th Long Jump & 4th Triple Jump, Tristan C. 2nd Triple Jump & 5th Pole Vault, 

Sander F. 4th Pole Vault & Bryton B. 4th Discus, 

March 16th: Highlander Relays

Boys: 1st Girls: 2nd

Champions: Girls Team Mile (Alexandra C. Kheli P & Juliet S) 

Girls Team Triple Jump (Payton S & Franny R) 

Boys Javelin (Bryton B & Tristan C)

Boys Team Mile (Isaac J, Jonah G & Gavin A) 

Girls Distance Medley (Alexandra C. Kheli P. Juliet S. & Eden S) 

Boys 4x800 (Jonah G. Isaac J. Campbell P & Gavin A) 

Girls 4x100 Throwers Relay (Taryn E, Franny R, Lauren G & Olivia A) 

Boys 4x100 Throwers Relay (Jimmy L, Bryton B, Tristan C & Bobby Z)

March 24th: UNF Pre-State Meet 

Top 8 Finishers: Alexandra C 2nd 1600m 5:10.97 *Rebroke School Record! 

Kheli P 2nd 2,000m Steeplechase, Nikki W. 4th 2,000m Steeplechase, 

Kelly G. 5th 2,000m Steeplechase, Girls 4x400 7th, 

Isaac J. 2nd 800m 1:58.67 *New School Record!

Boys 4x100 8th & Boys 4x800 2nd 

March 28th: Small School Invitational

Boys: 2nd Girls: 6th

Champions: Eden S. 300mH, Devyn C. Triple Jump 

Top 8 Finishers: Payton S. 2nd Triple Jump, 2nd Pole Vault & 5th 200m, 

Jiselle H. 6th Triple Jump & 7th 200m, Anya M. 5th 800m, Eden S. 2nd 100mH, 

Nick D 7th 100m, 7th Long Jump & 2nd 800m, Francisco Z. 6th 400m & Long Jump, 

Jai P. 2nd 1600m, Ty K. 3rd 1600m, Grayson P. 2nd 3200m, Haden E. 8th 3200m, 

William L. 2nd 100mH & 4th 300mH, Boys 4x100 2nd, Zach G. 5th High Jump, 

Devyn C. 3rd Long Jump, Jefferson W. 2nd Triple Jump, Jimmy L. 3rd Shot Put, 

Sander F. 2nd Pole Vault & Michael S. 7th Pole Vault 

March 29-30th: Florida Relays

Highest Placement: Boys Distance Medley (Jonah G, Francisco Z, Isaac J & Gavin A) 14th 

April 4th: Bolles Sprint/ Field Meet

Champion: Alexandra C. 800m 

Top 8 Finishers: Kheli P 3rd 400m, Olivia A. 5th 300mH, Girls 4x400 3rd, 

Payton S. 5th Girls Long Jump, 8th Triple Jump & 6th Pole Vault, Katie D. 7th Pole Vault, Francisco Z. 4th Long Jump, 7th 100m, 7th 200m & 4th 400m, Peter M. 5th 400m, 

Josh W. 7th 400m, William L. 4th 110mH & 2nd 300mH, 

Devyn C. 2nd Triple Jump, 3rd Long Jump & 8th 300mH & 

Tristan C. 7th Long Jump & 3rd Triple Jump

 April 12th: District Championship

Boys: 4th Girls: 5th

Champion: Eden S. 300mH

Regional Qualifiers (Top 4): 

Kheli P. 3rd 400m, 4th 800m, 

Alexandra C. 3rd 800m, 3rd 1600m, 

Eden S. 2nd 100mH, 

Girls 4x400 (Payton S. Eden S. Alexandra C. & Kheli P) 2nd, 

Girls 4x800 (Kheli P. Juliet S. Anya M. & Alexandra C.) 3rd, 

Payton S. 3rd Triple Jump & Pole Vault, 

Isaac J. 2nd 800m, 

Jonah G. 4th 800m, 

Gavin A. 4th 3200m, 

William L. 3rd 110mH, 

Boys 4x100 (Jefferson W. Francisco Z. Devyn C. & Nick D.) 3rd, 

Boys 4x400 (Josh W. Sami M, Isaac J & Nick D) 2nd, 

Boys 4x800 (Jonah G. Campbell P. Isaac J & Gavin A) 2nd 

 Devyn C 4th Long Jump & 3rd Triple Jump

April 25th: Regional Championship     

Boys: 9th Girls: 7th

Champion: Eden S. 300mH

State Qualifiers: 

Alexandra C. 3rd 1600m, 

Eden S. 5th 100mH, 

Girls 4x800 (Nikki W. Juliet S. Anya M. & Alexandra C) 4th

Isaac J. 3rd 800m, 

Gavin A. 5th 3200m, 

Boys 4x400 (Francisco Z. Sami M. Nick D & Isaac J) 2nd 

May 4th-5th: State Championship

Boys: 39th

Alexandra C. 9th 1600m, Eden S. 22nd 100mH & 18th 300mH, 

Girls 4x800 (Kheli P. Juliet S. Anya M. & Alexandra C) 22nd, 

Isaac J. 10th 800m 1:57.86 *Rebroke School Record, 

Gavin A. 15th 3200m, Boys 4x400 (Francisco Z. Sami M. Isaac J. & Nick D) 20th & 

Boys 4x800 (Jonah G. Nick D. Isaac J. & Gavin A) 6th 8:08.71 *New School Record 

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