Varsity Head Coach

Assistant  Varsity Coaches
Gerry Spring

Rudy Chihak

Sam Miller

Casey McGinn

Jamarr Williams

Stephen McGinn

  1. Athletes must be on time for practice.. if an athlete were to be late then they must tell their coach BEFORE arriving at practice 
  2. Athletes must attend every practice unless excused, unexcused practices will result in missing meets
  3. Every athlete is expected to attend every meet (pending they qualified or were entered) and stay for the entire meet. Two sport athletes are required to hit the FHSAA minimum of 5 meets. 
  4. Athletes must be dressed appropriately at all track meets (Black Jacket, Black Pants & Red LHP Track & Field Shirt)
  5. Athletes need to be 15 minutes early to a bus departure, especially on Saturday meet days. The bus will leave at its scheduled departure time 
  6. Athletes are expected to be respectful to each other and to the coaching staff at all practices and meets
  7. If an athlete takes themselves out of a practice or a meet for an injury, they are required to see our athletic trainers for an evaluation and or treatment before practicing again 

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