Eligibility Requirements



For your child to participate in Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) sponsored activities, a profile must be completed on AthleteConnection and all necessary forms submitted electronically 3 business days prior to the first date of participation.

Required Paperwork

Below you will find all necessary forms for athletic participation as required by the Florida High School Athletic Association.  In addition to the links below, these forms are also on the AthleteConnection website.   These forms must be submitted electronically via AthleteConnection. 

Required NFHS Video Courses

As per FHSAA Policies 40.1.1, 41.1, and 42.1.1, all student-athletes are required to watch the following FREE NFHS Learn courses annually:  

Please click here for instructions on viewing at home.  If viewed at home, completion certificates must be submitted electronically to AthleteConnection.


AthleteConnection is an online web portal for submission of all athletic forms.  Below you will find two step-by-step guides for submission help.  Please contact the Athletic Training Staff if you have any concerns.  

Click here for a step-by-step guide for submission help or click here for a pictorial guide

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