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          Since August 2012, every Lake Highland student in Grades 7 through 12 and their teachers have been using individual iPads daily. The early adoption of this technology was transformational for our students and school. 

          Since then, LH has also provided iPads at various grade levels in the Lower School to offer stimulating and unique learning experiences in the younger grades while advancing student, teacher and parent skills. The whole community welcomed the elevation of 21st century skills and communication! While today the iPad remains a key tool in the lives of our students in PK-8, students are also provided Chrome Books for project and production work, and students use computer labs for targeted instruction in a range of technology skills from keyboarding to coding.

          The technology industry has matured in many exciting ways bringing to our lives efficiencies and capabilities that not too long ago were only dreams. The delivery of educational experiences and resources are also rapidly changing as new technologies integrate and intersect in myriad ways in schools, colleges and industry. To optimize the widespread development of cloud based technologies and other advanced educational delivery methods, beginning in the fall of 2018 Upper School students will use laptops daily in their classes for the most contemporary relevant learning. Complex research, collaborative projects, entrepreneurial efforts and advanced production rely on efficient and robust learning tools. Specialized classes and student passions such as robotics, video production, academic and problem solving competition, computer science and more are also supported at Lake Highland with emerging technologies. 

          Our team of Technology Integration Specialists, forward thinking teachers and our Technology Department support and guide our technology application and vision. In pursuit of an exceptional learning experience that prepares our students for their future, our teachers deliberately choose classroom strategies that incorporate the most relevant and efficient technology resources. It is an exciting and creative time to teach! 

          According to Thomas Friedman, Pulitzer Prize winning author, technology is reshaping how individuals and societies do things. In this age of rapid change and re-imagination, Lake Highland is charging ahead in support of our students! 

          To assist families with their purchase of laptops and iPads see our Apple storefront and our Microsoft storefront at the link on the right. While you are welcome to purchase products from any source, Apple and Microsoft offer student pricing on our school storefronts. 

Technology in the Classroom

Device Resources

Lake Highland provides all students in grades 7-12 with Office 365 accounts. 
This includes Office 2016 that can be downloaded.  Click here for more information.

2019-2020 Laptops and Specifications for Grades 9-12:

Processor - Intel i3
RAM/Memory - 4 GB
Storage - 128 GB

More robust use and long-term investment
Processor - Intel i5 (or greater)
RAM/Memory - 8 GB (or greater)
Storage - 256 GB SSD (or greater)

MacBook Air
MacBook Pro
Surface Pro with keyboard
Surface Book 2
Dell Inspiron
Lenovo Yoga
Lenovo ThinkPad

Lake Highland storefront for purchasing recommended models
(parent login required)

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