Lake Highland Preparatory School is a 501(c)(3) charity entitling donors to a tax deduction as prescribed by law. 

Gifts of Cash
Most contributions to Lake Highland are gifts of cash. Gifts of cash can be made on-line using a credit card by clicking here or by check made payable to Lake Highland Preparatory School and mailed to the following address:

     Lake Highland Preparatory School 
     Attn: Advancement Office 
     901 N. Highland Ave. 
     Orlando, FL 32803 

Gifts of Stock
Lake Highland gladly accepts gifts of publicly traded stock. Stock gifts can often have significant tax benefits for the donor including both a charitable income tax deduction valued at the time of transfer to the charity as well as possible avoidance of capital gains tax.

To make a gift of stock, please call Susan Clayton, VP of Advancement, at 407-206-1900 ext. 3345 for transfer forms and instructions. 

Lake Highland appreciates gifts-in-kind. For example, donations of equipment or musical instruments can often be used by the school. The donor determines the fair market value of the gift through appraisal or market comparisons.

Matching Gifts
Your employer may offer matching gift programs that can leverage your contribution to the school. Please check with your human resources office to determine if your employer participates in this valuable program.

Planned Gifts

Please click here to learn more about the many ways in which you can make a planned gift to the school.

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