FAQs about Giving at LHPS

How does LHPS fund its operations?
As a private, independent day school, Lake Highland has two primary sources of operating revenue – 1- tuition & fees and 2- voluntary contributions.  Contributions allow us to expand and enhance the distinctive programs at our school, increasing the exceptional opportunities for each student here.

Who is responsible for fundraising at LHPS?
Staff members in the Advancement Office and volunteers lead the efforts to solicit contributions that enhance resources and make the LHPS education distinctive and outstanding. 

Who is asked to contribute? 
The Advancement Office actively solicits and gratefully receives contributions from current parents, alumni, grandparents, trustees, parents of alumni, faculty, staff, and friends of the school through the Highlander Fund, capital gifts, endowment, and planned giving.

Is fundraising unique to Lake Highland?
No.  Private schools have long relied upon the generous contributions and loyalty of their constituents to advance their schools.  Nearly every private, non-profit school depends on both tuition dollars and contributions to operate.

What is the Highlander Fund? 
The Highlander Fund is the foundational fundraising effort for the school. In 2015-16, donors gave more than $874,000 to the Highlander Fund. This annual fundraising effort plays a critical role in providing funds that support the outstanding opportunities at LHPS and enriching resources and programs for our teachers and students. The Highlander Fund follows the school's fiscal year which begins July 1 and ends June 30 the following year.

How does a family decide how much to give?
We need and appreciate gifts of all sizes.  Please give according to your family’s ability and your desire to make a difference through your gift.  The beautiful facilities and premier programs at Lake Highland today were made possible by past gifts and tuition.  Just as previous donors have provided for our current students, existing members of the LHPS family provide for today’s needs and those of future Highlanders.  

How will my gifts be used?
All revenue received from tuition, fees and gifts is allocated and spent for one purpose: to benefit Lake Highland students.  All unrestricted gifts to the Highlander Fund are used to enhance the academic, arts, athletics, leadership and extra-curricular programs offered at Lake Highland.  Your unrestricted gifts give the school maximum flexibility in providing excellent and innovative programs for your children.  Additionally, you may restrict, or direct, your gift to benefit a particular academic or extra-curricular program of the school, like the arts, an athletic team, the sciences, or any other area of interest. LHPS has led several capital campaigns to raise money to build new campus facilities or improve existing facilities. Gifts to the LHPS Foundation are used to build endowments for general or specific purposes- see question below on the LHPS Foundation, Inc.

Is our gift tax-deductible?
Yes.  Lake Highland is a qualified non-profit 501(c)(3) organization as determined by the IRS, and donations made to the school are usually tax-deductible.  We recommend you consult with your tax professional with any specific questions you may have.

How does the school recognize donors? 
Each donor to the school is recognized in The Steward, our annual publication listing all donors, unless the donor chooses to be anonymous.  Donors to the Highlander Fund may also be recognized in periodic emails sent to current parents.  

What is the Lake Highland Foundation? 
In 2002, LHPS created the Lake Highland Preparatory School Foundation, Inc., establishing a separate 501(c)(3) to hold and manage endowments for the school. The purpose of these endowments is to support the mission of Lake Highland Preparatory School and provide for the school’s long- term financial stability. The Foundation provides the overall structure for an unlimited number of endowments and these endowments function like savings accounts for the school. Endowment accounts are established and funded by donors, allowing them to create a legacy that provides permanent financial support for a specific area of interest or need at Lake Highland.  An endowment is designed to retain and conserve the principal of the donated funds and to use the growth or interest to fund needs in the desired area.  The Unrestricted Endowment is designed to be flexible and allow funding for special or unanticipated projects.  Endowments can be established in honor of a loved one in recognition of service or achievement. Consider giving to LHPS through your estate planning by establishing an endowment that will create a legacy and make a difference in many children’s lives.  To visit Lake Highland’s Planned Giving website, click here .

If you have any questions about ways to support LHPS or its Foundation, please contact Susan Clayton, Vice President of Advancement sclayton@lhps.org.

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