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Senior Catherine Li is a 2015 Intel Talent Search FINALIST- 1 of 40-  and the only finalist from Florida!

Congratulations to Rikhav Shah & Sandeep Baskar- 2 of 25 finalists for the STEM Research Speaker Competition at the Jr. Science, Engineering & Humanities Symposium.  

The Class of 2015 has 192 members; 49 are charter members who began at LHPS in PreK or Kindergarten.

LHPS and its tradition of excellence in education are 45 years old!

LHPS has 57 teachers who have earned the Gifted Education Endorsement. 

LHPS has graduated more than 3,800 alumni – and we are extremely proud of each one!

Our beautiful 42-acre campus features 20 buildings- each designed for a specific educational purpose. 

We offer 26 Advanced Placement courses.

LHPS has 60 teams in 17 sports!

Our Speech & Debate team is among the top 20 in the nation!

Recent graduates were accepted by 181 universities, matriculating at 61 different institutions.