JV Head Coach
Stephen Richardville
407-206-1900 ext. 3356

Assistant JV Coach
Josh Carr


Hi all and welcome to the JV Boys golf team at Lake Highland Prep 

Congratulations to the following young men who will be representing Lake Highland Prep on the JV Boys Golf Team this year!


Zak Bonynge

Ben Campbell

Donovan Hill

Luke Howard

Jacob Immelman

Parker Lee

Krithik Seela

Mason Sloan

Matthew Taddeo

Aaron Thio

 Zach Zakowsky


Updated 10/4

Hey all, we've reached the last week of the season. Here are the details for every match for next week. 

Monday 10/9 is a HOME match vs. West Orange at Shingle.  This is a normal home match where everyone plays. I realize this is a Teacher Workday. When I set up this match back in the spring I didn't realize it was a teacher workday. So, I understand if your son is unable to make the match but I'd love to have everyone there since it's our Last Home match where everyone will play. Just one more week! :(  Uniform is Red shirt, black shorts and white hat.   A bus will be in the OUC lot at 2:30 pm to drive us out there. Please plan to pick your player up at the course at approximately 7:00 pm. If you can't make it please let me know. 

Tuesday 10/10 is an AWAY match  at Falcon's Fire vs. TFA. Golfers for this match are Zak Zakowsky, Ben Campbell, Zak Bonynge, Krithik Seela, Luke Howard, Aaron Thio, Mason Sloan and Jacob Immelman.  There will be an "out early" at 2:30 pm like all other matches so far. We'll be done around 7:30 pm. Plan on staying until all players are in and the match has been decided. Uniforms are Gray Shirt, Black shorts and White hat. 

Wednesday 10/11  is a Home match at Shingle vs. Bishop Moore. We can only bring 6 guys to this match. Players for this match are Zak Zakowsky, Ben Campbell, Jacob Immelman, Zak Bonynge, Luke Howard and Aaron Thio .  Uniforms will be Red Shirt, Black shorts and White hat. The match will begin at 4 pm and finish approx. 7 pm. I know this is PSAT day for upper school. There will be an "out early" for students not in upper school at 2:30 pm and the bus will leave the OUC lot at 2:45 like a normal home match. If you're in Upper school you can ride the bus or provide your own transportation if you get out early. 

Thursday 10/12 is an AWAY match at Mayfair vs. Lake Mary Prep. Golfers for this match are Donovan Hill, Mason Sloan, Parker Lee, Matthew Taddeo, Krithik Seela and Aaron Thio. There will be an "out early" at 2:30 pm like any normal match and there will be a return trip to the OUC lot since it's an away match that will return to the OUC lot at approximately 7:30 pm. Uniforms will be Gray Shirt, Black shorts and white hat


Transportation to practice and all matches at Shingle Creek are one way. Please plan to pick your golfer up there. 

Away matches will offer a return bus trip. If you need help with car pooling please reach out to me and I'll see what I can do to get you matched up with someone. 

As always, please email me if you have any questions. Also, I like to send out text updates regarding weather and timing. If you would like to receive a text update please text me at 850-294-3869, identify yourself and I'll add you to the text list. 


Other information: If you have any questions about spirit packs, uniforms, etc please contact the Varsity coach Bret Young. His contact info is on the Varsity page. 



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